Starry Plough / Stuck On the Puzzle

Well it’s not a proper show, but it’ll do for now.

Alex will be playing at an open mic with the talented vocalist/multi-instrumentalist/blonde she-devil Maya Laner at the Starry Plough on Shattuck tomorrow night (Tuesday). It’s pretty conveniently located in Berkeley; there’s a map here. Sign up is at 7:30 so we can only assume it’ll be at some point in the subsequent hour or so. Follow us on twitter for exact timing, which shall be tweeted immediately once we know more. Swing by, have dinner, listen to music. What could go wrong?

In the meantime, here’s a quick iPhone demo Alex and Maya did of Arctic Monkeys’ Alex Turner’s “Stuck On the Puzzle”. Really a lovely song. We actually didn’t initially intend to post it, but we took a listen and hey, not so bad.  Make sure to listen through to the chorus. Download it for free if you’d like! We’ll be doing more of this (but bigga and betta) tomorrow night.

Stuck On the Puzzle [Cover] (with Maya Laner) by Local Hero!

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