Miscellaneous Local Hero Notes

Evening all.

Lots to report. First off, let’s give a big happy hug to Earmilk for posting on us. While we didn’t make it into their intriguingly-named “Straight From the Teet” section (not totally sure what it is, but I want to be involved), we still did get a nice lil’ post from them on the main part of the blog. Press Box is featured.

This is easily the biggest blog that’s written about us and we couldn’t be more excited. It also got Press Box onto Hypem, so heart away.

A couple smaller blogs have also picked us up recently, including Music That Isn’t Bad, French Blog Another Whiskey for Mister Bukowski and Belgian start-up The Music Beam. We might even have an interview for you later on.

Next item.

Some of you may be familiar with T Mercy, our suave, mysterious fellow Berkeleyite best known as the mastermind behind the illustrious and successful Beautiful Swear Words. If you haven’t checked out BSW, please do so now.

Go on, we’ll wait.

Anyway, T Mercy was kind enough to create a splendid logo for us.

There’s also a black version. Sexy. You can expect to see that on a T-Shirt real soon.

Lastly, make sure to return tomorrow for a BIG, EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT. OHHHH YES.

Be healthy, be well, etc.

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