The Berkeley Rep Local Hero Murder Mystery EXTRAVAGANZA

Local Hero is playing at the Berkeley Rep School of Theatre on Saturday, the 22nd of October!!

It’s gonna be glorious. We really couldn’t ask for a better location. The theatre’s at 2071 Addison in Berkeley — pissing distance from Downtown Berkeley BART, and about a block from Berkeley High.

FOOD AND DRINK WILL BE PROVIDED FOR FREE. That sentence alone should be enough to convince you. Sometimes you’ll pay $10 for dinner on Shattuck anyways. What could possibly be better?

Most intriguingly, the first half of the night is going to be an interactive play. As you kick it at some tables and grub, a play will be taking place around you. We’ll play 3-4 songs throughout the play, then clear out the tables and do an hourlong set at the end. And everyone will be wearing masks. It’s gonna be fucking crazy.


Tickets are $10, but if you RSVP they’re only $8. You don’t have to pay in advance; you only need to send a quick email to They’ll put you on the list and you’ll pay $8 at the door. You can also call them at (510) 647-2984.

Doors at 6:30. Facebook event here.

RSVP soon! There’s only 95 80 70 50 30 tickets remaining.

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