Autumn Update / Winter Break

Hello all you naughty little malcontents.

We’re all back at school now.  Summer was fun, fun, fun, but it’s over.  Now we reluctantly play the waiting game until December.

To briefly recap – we got real busy this summer.  We went on tour for the first time, playing 12 shows over 2700 miles from Seattle to Los Angeles.  We played a sold-out show at Great American Music Hall, and designed and screened new T-Shirts, and finally pressed our record.  Maya got Tapatío in her eye outside Portland, and Max danced enticingly while selling his wares on Telegraph Ave.

Alex & Leo showed some skin, Bo kept the band pumped full of vitamins and manganese, Jojo dangled from a tree, From Timid to Timbuktu found its first home in a record store, Alex stuck his hand in his pants.

To everyone who helped us along the way (and there are a lot of you) we truly cannot thank you enough.

We’ve also each been individually plugging away at various musical endeavors while everyone’s away at school.  Max started a little project called Fauna Flora in Puget Sound, Maya filmed a sweet lo-fi video for “Lingering Blues,” Jojo’s working with his tremendous noise-rock group Moe Meguro, and Leo’s singing in a slinky Jazz Band in Connecticut.

With that said, we’ve got some exciting full band-related plans for when we return to the Bay in December.  There are some new demos knocking around and we can’t wait to share some new music with you all.  Until next time!

Sha la la, man…”
- RIP Lou Reed

End of Summer Shenanigans

What’s poppin everybody.  Just a lil reminder that we’re playing two huge shows this weekend – tonight at Great American Music Hall and tomorrow night at SLG Art Boutiki in San Jose.


Tonight we’re playing with Finish Ticket and Night Riots and it’s going to be, no question, one of the biggest shows we’ve ever played.  Tickets are still online here, and each band is really pulling out all the stops tonight – come out, come out, we’d love to see you!!

Then TOMORROW, we’re returning to San Jose to play a 5-bill at the beautiful SLG Art Boutiki at their new location.  We’re thrilled to be back in San Jose, swing by if you’re in the South Bay!!

These two are our LAST BAY AREA SHOWS OF THE SUMMER, so make sure to come out and say hello before we leave for school!


Thanx to Berkeley’s KPFA 94.1 for spinning us these last couple weeks.  Also, in an exciting development, we pressed physical copies of the CD for the first time!!!  Look…

FTTT Super exciting, brah.  They’ll be at the show tonight – see you derr!

Be healthy, be well, etc.

Welcome Bo! / FTTT on iTunes

First off – a huge welcome to Mr. Bo Prochnow!! He’s joining Local Hero on lead & rhythm guitar, as well as chiming in with periodic appearances on backing vocals. Bo moonlights as a jazz saxophonist, and is considered the world’s foremost scholar on R Kelly’s “Ignition (Remix).”

_MG_8293 - 2012-08-21 at 21-08-50

“Must be a football coach…”

Moving on…  Thanks to everyone who came out to our first-ever San Jose show at Art Boutiki on the 29th.  We had a great time and we hope to make it back to SJ next summer!

Also, a huge thank you to SF Rebirth, who just ranked ‘Black & White’ the 7th best song and From Timid to Timbuktu the 4th best album on their Bay Area Best-of-2012 Lists.

Big ups to WOBC-FM radio in Oberlin, Ohio for spinning Black & White, and a shoutout to British podcast Uncovering the Unsigned, who included Five Stars in their latest episode.

Lastly, From Timid to Timbuktu is finally on iTunes!  Buy it here.

Be healthy, be well, etc.

Thank You Huffington Post!

A huge thank you to The Huffington Post, who just posted this article about us today.  It’s entitled “Local Hero is Berkeley’s Next Big Band.”

That’s a big title to live up to.  It’s exhilarating to get coverage from a publication of this caliber, and we still can’t quite believe it.

Now despite our strongest impulses, we haven’t been idly twiddling our thumbs and basking in this small ray of recognition.  We’re extremely happy to announce we’ll be playing at Art Boutiki in San Jose on December 29th.  We’re sharing the bill with A Yawn Worth Yelling, Big Tree and Troubadour – this will be our first show since summer!  Full details are on our ‘Shows‘ tab, and there’s a Facebook event already up here.

In other news, a big thank you to The Wounded Jukebox, The Music Beam, CollegeRoots, Each Day A Song (French) and The Owl Mag for posting on the record.  Likewise, thank you to SF Rebirth, Blushing Panda and The Metropolitan Jolt for their delightful reviews.  Lastly, thanks to the folks at Tufts University Radio, who spun Lady Wisconsin last night.

If you haven’t listened already, here’s From Timid to Timbuktu in its entirety.  It’s available from our Bandcamp and it’ll be up on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, etc in short order.  1luv!

Be healthy, be well, etc.

A Post! My Kingdom for a Post! / June Update

Phew. Been a while. A quick recap….

We passed our Kickstarter goal! In fact, we’ve finished recording at Tiny Telephone and we’re almost done with the record altogether. Stay tuned on this one.

We dropped by KPFA 94.1 on Wednesday night to play a couple songs. It was our first live radio appearance, and we generally had a grand old time. We played two songs, and we may indeed post one on Soundcloud for streaming/free download in the next week or so.

We also have several shows to announce…

  • We’ll be playing this Saturday (June 9th) at The Freight and Salvage as part of The Freight Goes British Revue #3. The bill includes The RaveUps, Girl Named T, The Blondies and the Whitecliff Rangers. We’ll be inserting three 60s British Invasion songs into our set, make sure not to miss it. Tickets are also half off for anyone under 25, so why the hell not? Advance tix available here.
  • We’re pleased to announce we’ll be playing at Berkeley High graduation for the second consecutive year. That’ll be at the Greek Theatre on June 15th.
  • We’re also playing consecutive sets on June 21st and 22nd at the Humanist Hall in Oakland as a part of Bear Valley Films’ summer showcase. There’ll be tons of visual art, six short films by young Bay Area filmmakers, lots of music and a bouncy castle. Can’t miss.
  • We’re playing at Great American Music Hall alongside Princeton (these dudes have opened for Vampire Weekend, Ra Ra Riot, etc) on June 23rd as part of It Gets Indie, a locally-based annual fundraiser for It Gets Better and The Trevor Project. Advance tickets can be found here.
  • We just booked a show with fellow Berkeley High alumni Thirstbusters at the Starry Plough on August 5th.

In other news, SF Rebirth named us #7 on its “10 Bay Area Artists to Watch” list, and Maya just released a sweet cover of Grimes’ “Oblivion”, take a listen here. The Wounded Jukebox also picked it up, as did The Bay Bridged. Go Maya go!

Lastly, here’s a video of us playing a new original… Be healthy, be well, etc.

Free Gucci.

We’re Making a Record! + Kickstarter + Alameda Show

We’re recording an album! Nine songs, twelve days of recording at Tiny Telephone in San Francisco. Thing is, recording isn’t a cheap endeavor by any means. We’ve saved up as much as we could from CD sales, T-Shirts and shows, but we still need your help! We’re looking to raise $4,000 over the next month.

But how can you help us reach this lofty goal? Glad you asked. We’ve made a KICKSTARTER where you can pledge for all sorts of sweet prizes. Musical voicemails, private shows, early morning serenades, skype concerts, pre-release albums – whatever you want. For a big enough pledge, we’ll even drive anywhere in the continental United States or Canada to play a private show for you at your convenience. Can’t beat that. At the moment, we’re already nearly 25% 35% funded! Click here to check it out!

We also have a show to announce. We’re playing with Eager Eyes and Adam Gold at Rooster’s Roadhouse in Alameda on April 6th. It’s gonna be a big show so let’s get the lead out. Doors at 7.

Lastly, here’s an exuberant lil’ video of us doing a new original – “Black & White” live at the DNA Lounge in February. See you at Rooster’s!

Maya Goes Solo / Hello 2012

First off, a big 21-gun salute to Fever Charm, Prima Donna and 1234Go! records for having us on the 6th.  We had gobs of fun. Onwards and upwards.

Maya recently released a sparkling cover of The Ronettes’ 1963 classic “Why Don’t They Let Us Fall in Love?”, and it’s been absolutely tearing shit up. After Cover Me premiered the track, Indie Shuffle picked it up, as did The Wounded Jukebox and Metrojolt. The newly redesigned On My Radar and 1146 Miles got their boogie on, and The Dadada rambled on us.  Quite nice of them all.  In any case, take a listen:

Pretty dreamy, right? Snag a download before we reach our limit on Soundcloud!

Happy new year!  Adventure and Fulfillment to you all in 2012.

Be healthy, be well, etc.

Lady Wisconsin Arrives!

Good morrow to you. Our first single since the EP is up and running!  It’s entitled “Lady Wisconsin” and we’ve grown quite fond of it.  Take a listen:

We essentially recorded this song in one 5-hour session, which is something new for us.  We tried our best to preserve the sound of four people in a room together, imperfections, smudges and all.  Lady Wisconsin also marks Max & Maya’s studio debut with Local Hero (on piano and vocals/guitar/accordion, respectively), which is tremendous.

It premiered on Indie Shuffle yesterday and Earmilk wrote a piece on it today.  You can catch us playing Lady Wisconsin and a bevy of other tunes at our show at the New Parish on Thursday!

Be healthy, be well, etc.

Hype Machine Blitz

Ok y’all, so The Hype Machine is a blog aggregator (not to be confused with the fearsome bog alligator), which takes the most recently posted songs from about 1500 different music blogs and adds them into a database, where people can listen and vote them up. It’s an amazing way to discover new music, and it’s also one of the most powerful tools for generating artist buzz and attracting blog attention. The Guardian named it one of the 100 most essential websites of 2009, CNN’s done’s pieces on it, it’s been called “the future of all media”, etc.

So when The Wounded Jukebox posted on The Gold Coast last month, our song got added into the Hype Machine! This was very exciting for us.

Now we have a task for you. It’s incredibly easy but also hugely important. Here’s what we need you to do…

1) Listen to The Gold Coast and DOWNLOAD for free!
2) Sign in/up for HypeMachine (worth doing anyways, takes 20 seconds)
3) “Heart” The Gold Coast – this is the most important step.

DJ (our publicist) also conveniently created a facebook event detailing it further.

We need as many people to do this as possible to provide an initial boost so that blogs and other listeners will notice us. Nobody listens to a song with 20 hearts on hypem. A song with 200, however, attracts significantly more heat.

Do this and we will love you forever.

We also have several show proposals in the works. We’re peeing-our-pants-excited, and we’ll let you know as soon as we confirm a show.

Starry Plough / Stuck On the Puzzle

Well it’s not a proper show, but it’ll do for now.

Alex will be playing at an open mic with the talented vocalist/multi-instrumentalist/blonde she-devil Maya Laner at the Starry Plough on Shattuck tomorrow night (Tuesday). It’s pretty conveniently located in Berkeley; there’s a map here. Sign up is at 7:30 so we can only assume it’ll be at some point in the subsequent hour or so. Follow us on twitter for exact timing, which shall be tweeted immediately once we know more. Swing by, have dinner, listen to music. What could go wrong?

In the meantime, here’s a quick iPhone demo Alex and Maya did of Arctic Monkeys’ Alex Turner’s “Stuck On the Puzzle”. Really a lovely song. We actually didn’t initially intend to post it, but we took a listen and hey, not so bad.  Make sure to listen through to the chorus. Download it for free if you’d like! We’ll be doing more of this (but bigga and betta) tomorrow night.

Stuck On the Puzzle [Cover] (with Maya Laner) by Local Hero!