The Berkeley Rep Local Hero Murder Mystery EXTRAVAGANZA

Local Hero is playing at the Berkeley Rep School of Theatre on Saturday, the 22nd of October!!

It’s gonna be glorious. We really couldn’t ask for a better location. The theatre’s at 2071 Addison in Berkeley — pissing distance from Downtown Berkeley BART, and about a block from Berkeley High.

FOOD AND DRINK WILL BE PROVIDED FOR FREE. That sentence alone should be enough to convince you. Sometimes you’ll pay $10 for dinner on Shattuck anyways. What could possibly be better?

Most intriguingly, the first half of the night is going to be an interactive play. As you kick it at some tables and grub, a play will be taking place around you. We’ll play 3-4 songs throughout the play, then clear out the tables and do an hourlong set at the end. And everyone will be wearing masks. It’s gonna be fucking crazy.


Tickets are $10, but if you RSVP they’re only $8. You don’t have to pay in advance; you only need to send a quick email to They’ll put you on the list and you’ll pay $8 at the door. You can also call them at (510) 647-2984.

Doors at 6:30. Facebook event here.

RSVP soon! There’s only 95 80 70 50 30 tickets remaining.

Miscellaneous Local Hero Notes

Evening all.

Lots to report. First off, let’s give a big happy hug to Earmilk for posting on us. While we didn’t make it into their intriguingly-named “Straight From the Teet” section (not totally sure what it is, but I want to be involved), we still did get a nice lil’ post from them on the main part of the blog. Press Box is featured.

This is easily the biggest blog that’s written about us and we couldn’t be more excited. It also got Press Box onto Hypem, so heart away.

A couple smaller blogs have also picked us up recently, including Music That Isn’t Bad, French Blog Another Whiskey for Mister Bukowski and Belgian start-up The Music Beam. We might even have an interview for you later on.

Next item.

Some of you may be familiar with T Mercy, our suave, mysterious fellow Berkeleyite best known as the mastermind behind the illustrious and successful Beautiful Swear Words. If you haven’t checked out BSW, please do so now.

Go on, we’ll wait.

Anyway, T Mercy was kind enough to create a splendid logo for us.

There’s also a black version. Sexy. You can expect to see that on a T-Shirt real soon.

Lastly, make sure to return tomorrow for a BIG, EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT. OHHHH YES.

Be healthy, be well, etc.

Hype Machine Blitz

Ok y’all, so The Hype Machine is a blog aggregator (not to be confused with the fearsome bog alligator), which takes the most recently posted songs from about 1500 different music blogs and adds them into a database, where people can listen and vote them up. It’s an amazing way to discover new music, and it’s also one of the most powerful tools for generating artist buzz and attracting blog attention. The Guardian named it one of the 100 most essential websites of 2009, CNN’s done’s pieces on it, it’s been called “the future of all media”, etc.

So when The Wounded Jukebox posted on The Gold Coast last month, our song got added into the Hype Machine! This was very exciting for us.

Now we have a task for you. It’s incredibly easy but also hugely important. Here’s what we need you to do…

1) Listen to The Gold Coast and DOWNLOAD for free!
2) Sign in/up for HypeMachine (worth doing anyways, takes 20 seconds)
3) “Heart” The Gold Coast – this is the most important step.

DJ (our publicist) also conveniently created a facebook event detailing it further.

We need as many people to do this as possible to provide an initial boost so that blogs and other listeners will notice us. Nobody listens to a song with 20 hearts on hypem. A song with 200, however, attracts significantly more heat.

Do this and we will love you forever.

We also have several show proposals in the works. We’re peeing-our-pants-excited, and we’ll let you know as soon as we confirm a show.

We Are Now Four

We’re thrilled to announce that Local Hero has added a member! We are now a quartet. The unflappable heathen, Maya Laner is joining us as a second vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. You may know her by her mysterious folk singer alias, Phyllis Buttlick (check out the Dark Dark Dark cover on her soundcloud. Truly amazing.). She laid the proverbial smack down at the Starry Plough last night with Alex, and yesterday we posted a very rudimentary demo of Alex Turner’s “Stuck On the Puzzle” with her on tha tracks.

Maya plays accordion, ukelele, organ, guitar, and mandolin, and she can sing better than the rest of us combined. I’m so excited I think I’m going to throw up. Stop drinkin that sucka juice.

Be healthy, be well, etc.

Starry Plough / Stuck On the Puzzle

Well it’s not a proper show, but it’ll do for now.

Alex will be playing at an open mic with the talented vocalist/multi-instrumentalist/blonde she-devil Maya Laner at the Starry Plough on Shattuck tomorrow night (Tuesday). It’s pretty conveniently located in Berkeley; there’s a map here. Sign up is at 7:30 so we can only assume it’ll be at some point in the subsequent hour or so. Follow us on twitter for exact timing, which shall be tweeted immediately once we know more. Swing by, have dinner, listen to music. What could go wrong?

In the meantime, here’s a quick iPhone demo Alex and Maya did of Arctic Monkeys’ Alex Turner’s “Stuck On the Puzzle”. Really a lovely song. We actually didn’t initially intend to post it, but we took a listen and hey, not so bad.  Make sure to listen through to the chorus. Download it for free if you’d like! We’ll be doing more of this (but bigga and betta) tomorrow night.

Stuck On the Puzzle [Cover] (with Maya Laner) by Local Hero!

Aldgate Pickin’ Up Speed

Two more blogs have done pieces on us! SF Rebirth wrote a glorious, eloquent review of The Aldgate EP (chalk up another Vampire Weekend comparison) and music aficionados The Wounded Jukebox posted on The Gold Coast. Head over there for a free download. Exciting, no?

We’ve actually also got a show in the works, not to mention t-shirts, physical EPs, a music video and maybe even a CD release party. Oh yeah baby.

Stay tuned.

On an unrelated note, here’s the story of the day. O, how the mighty have fallen.

Be healthy, be well, etc.

The Aldgate – EP by Local Hero!


Hello all,

Exciting news! Two websites have picked us up. Hallelujah.

First off, local news site Berkeleyside interviewed Alex and wrote a feature on us. I think we look rather dashing. They also bundled in a free download of “The Gold Coast”. Come and get ‘em (or even better, support the band by paying out the nose for it here).

Secondly, check out music haven The Metropolitan Jolt’s somewhat-less-than-glowing (but undeniably well written) review of The Aldgate EP. No such thing as bad press, I suppose.

We’re also barraging all our favorite music blogs with press packets from all angles. Tell your friends!

Be healthy, be well, etc.


THE EAGLE HAS LANDED! After over a year and a half of writing, recording, mixing, mastering, overdubbing and generally fooling around, THE ALDGATE IS FINALLY HERE. OH YES! It’s streaming in its entirety at the bottom of this post, as well as on our soundcloud, myspace, and facebook. In addition, the entire thing is for sale on bandcamp and something new and fancy called vibedeck. It’s $0.99 for a song and $4 for the entire EP.

We’d love to give them away for free, but we’ve shelled out quite a bit of money on making this thing. We just desperately need to break even so we can keep making more music. We really, truly appreciate every single download you guys make.

Today’s an exciting day for us, but this is where the fun really begins. You can look forward to some shows, more recordings, an interview or two, and a whole lot of mildly amusing babble emanating from our twitter. As Kurt Vonnegut once said, “nonsense is strength”. Lots of love to all of you.

Aldgate Release Date Set!

Lace up your tape decks and excavate your turntables, cause we’ve officially set a date for The Aldgate EP’s digital release! The law will be laid down on Monday, September 12th. That’s one week from today. The entire EP will be up for streaming and available for purchase through a variety of websites and middle-men. As for the hardcopy CD’s, it’s still gonna be a little while before they’re available. We’d love to have them ready to sell inmediatamente, but there’s a veritable cavalcade of tedious tasks which must be attended to before the tangible CD’s are released. THAT BEING SAID, we can expect a smackin CD release party to accompany the EP’s physical debut (imagine us throwing EP’s into a drunken, adoring crowd like confetti). Yeah. It’s gonna be radical.

Be healthy, be well, etc.

EP Preview – Barcelona Daydream

Hey party peoples.

Below is a esneak epeek of The Aldgate. The first song shall be the new version of Barcelona Daydream!

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

We know Barcelona Daydream has been released before, but this isn’t really the same song. We’ve added a new hook in the intro, changed lyrics, added guitar tracks and much, much more. Not to mentioned the whole thing has been MASTERED by the esteemed John Cuniberti! Yeah baybay! All in all we think this is a more dynamic, interesting track and we’re psyched to be (re) releasing it. It’ll be up for download once the EP’s out. Tell your mama, tell your pa.

Love you guys

-Local Hero